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International Applicants' Instructions for Applying

Welcome to the Master's level application page for international applicants.  On this page you will find all of the documents and information you'll need to apply to the  Master's level programs at Virginia Theological Seminary. Use this application form if you are NOT a United States Citizen and if you are currently living outside of the United States.  If you are a permanent resident alien living in the US, or if you are residing in the US under the authority of another visa, please complete the form found in the "Master's level applications for those residing in the US".  
The international application process for Virginia Theological Seminary takes place in two stages. The items listed below must be completed as part of the first stage in the application process.
NOTE:  Effective in February 2015, the NEW application deadline is December 1 for the next academic year (the academic year begins in August)
Required Application process and material

The application process and materials required from students who are not United States Citizens and who reside outside of the United States are as follows:

1. Complete and submit the electronic application form available on the website (click on the button labeled "International Application" ).

·    2. Assemble an application packet that will include the following and mail it to Virginia Theological Seminary.  

      PHOTOGRAPH:  Include a passport style photograph in your application materials.

OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS:  Contact the College or University where you earned your baccalaureate and any higher degrees and request that they send you official  transcripts of the courses you took and the grades you earned. Include these original transcripts in the application packet that you will mail to Virginia Seminary. If your college or University only mails transcripts directly to the receiving institution, please provide this address: Admissions Office, Virginia Theological Seminary, 3737 Seminary Road, Alexandria, Virginia, 22304, USA.
It is the applicant’s responsibility to assure that official transcripts are mailed from the originating institution and arrive at Virginia Theological Seminary. If transcripts will be mailed directly to Virginia Seminary, the applicant must contact us to alert us that the transcripts are being mailed to the seminary. Applicants whose official transcripts are not in file by the January 1 deadline will not be considered for admission. We will not consider applications that include copies of transcripts.
NOTE:  If your transcripts are not in English, you will need to request that the administration at your college or university include translations of all documents into English. 

which describes your educational background and professional work experience, participation in continuing education, and publications you have authored.

AN ORIGINAL ESSAY of 5-6 typed, double spaced pages. This essay should include:

*A brief description of your understanding and practice of Christian ministry.  How did you come to be in this ministry? Describe your setting (parish, diocesan administration, college or university, etc.). 
*An assessment of your academic abilities and preparation for graduate level study.  Give examples of your academic work thus far.  What was your major area of academic interest? What original research have you done in this field of study?
*A clear statement of your educational goals that can be directly related to a course of study offered at Virginia Theological Seminary. What do you hope to achieve while at Virginia Seminary and which areas of study and courses will help you achieve those goals (please refer to the VTS course catalogue to find a list of courses offered at VTS)?
FOUR LETTERS OF REFERENCE - Print 4 copies of the reference form that is available for download (found on this page). Complete the first portion of the forms and give these forms to 4 people who can recommend you for study based on your academic record, your current work in the Church and your professional goals upon returning home. At least one letter should be from your academic adviser or other faculty member who can tell us about your academic achievement while you were at your college or university. One should be from your bishop, ecclesiastical or academic authority.
 After you gather these materials you will mail them all together in one envelope to: Admissions Office,Virginia Theological Seminary, 3737 Seminary Road, Alexandria, VA 22304, USA.

EFFECTIVE IN FEBRUARY 2015 the NEW DEADLINE for international applications is DECEMBER 1 for those desiring to begin study in the next academic year (the school year begins in  August). Applications received after December 1, and incomplete applications will not be considered.  Those applicants who will move on to the second stage of the application process will be notified about next steps which will include:

Arranging for an admissions interview through SKYPE or with a Virginia Seminary representative in the applicant's home country.

Providing FINANCIAL AID APPLICATION INFORMATION:  We will contact eligible applicants and ask for information about your income, savings, sources of funding for your education, and other information needed to determine your financial need. 

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